Chromium Picolinate Metabolic Booster

Size: 60 Counts
Sale price$24.99


Irwin Naturals Triple-Strength Chromium Picolinate Metabolic Booster delivers comprehensive weight loss and metabolic support to help you achieve and maintain healthy body composition and energy balance.

When used as a part of an active lifestyle, this product supports:

  • Carbohydrate and Glucose Metabolism - Chromium plays an important role in insulin function, and glucose regulation. Delivering 600mcg of Chromium, 3x the amount found in our other formulas, with targeted B-Vitamins, this formula supports carbohydrate metabolism, glucose balance, and may help to reduce carbohydrate cravings.
  • Thermogenesis (fat-burning) - Green Tea Extract (standardized to 50% EGCG) in combination with Natural Caffeine from Coffee Beans helps stimulate your body's natural fat-burning ability while also elevating energy expenditure for increased calorie burning throughout the day.
  • Lean Body Mass - Through its positive effects on insulin function, Chromium helps to preserve muscle mass and supports muscle energy availability.

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