Nature's Way Fiber Delights Daily Fiber

Size: 60 Counts
Sale price$18.99


Why take a fiber supplement?

Most of us don't get the fiber we need.
Americans get less than half the recommended amount of fiber per day. Supplemental fiber is a great way to promote and maintain regularity.*

Why take Fiber Delights®?

Convenient, delicious vanilla-flavored chewable.
Fiber Delights® lets you decide when and where to boost your fiber intake. No mixes, no fuss, no mess.

Helps your body absorb calcium.*
Because of the unique blend of inulin and oat bran fiber, just 4 tablets a day helps your body absorb calcium.*

It helps probiotics grow.*
The fiber in Fiber Delights® acts as """"prebiotic,"""" helping beneficial bacteria thrive in your digestive system.*

Enhances detoxification.*
Fiber grabs toxins and helps move them out of your body.*


Chew 1 tablet daily for the first week, then increase to 2 tablets daily. If additional fiber is desired, slowly increase to taking 2 tablets four times daily.

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