NutriFit Plus Pair Ankle Strap

Pick A Color: Purple
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Nutrifit Ankle Straps

  • This pair of ankle straps will insure you have a great workout without having to deal with weak ankle straps or having to switch from one ankle to the other 
  • The reinforced Double D Ring has very strong endurance
  • We use a thick cotton pad, sweat proof Velcro, adjustable ankle cuffs strap to protect your calves and ankles 
  • Adjustable size so you will never have to worry about too big or too small
  • Great for strengthening and tightening calves, thighs, buttocks, and even lower body muscles 
  • Can be used with most cable systems, home equipment, and machines
  • Great for men and women who are looking to strengthen the body
  • Used for workouts like leg curls, hip abductors, glute workouts, and MANY more!
  • 3 Colors: Pink, black and purple 

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