NutriFit Plus Hydration Water Bottle With Infuser For Everyday use

Pick A Color: Aqua
Capacity: 32 oz
Sale price$16.99


Motivational Water Bottle with infuser

  • Includes time markers that assist in increasing your daily water intake. 
  • Enjoy Your Drink with Different Flavors: With the supplied fruit infuser, you can infuse fruit & tea easily in your drink
  • Every time you drink from the bottle you are benefiting your skin, mind, hair, and body
  • Great for different goals such as weight loss, muscle gain, or tracking your water during a pregnancy or detox
  • Great gift for your loved ones who are interested in fitness
  • Our water bottle is eco friendly, leak proof, and reusable
  • BPA Free
  • Made from PETG plastic
  • Doesn’t have a plastic taste or smell
  • Comes in many different colors perfect for everyone
  • Hand wash with dish soap or baking soda and vinegar

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